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in the Modern Foreign Languages classroom

Eliciting Evidence of Learning

How do I structure classroom conversation and questions in the target language to elicit evidence of student learning?

How do I structure learning activities and tasks to ascertain if students are ready to proceed in their learning?

Giving Feedback to Progress Learning

How frequently and in what formats do I give clear, easily actionable feedback to inform students' next steps?

When do I provide space for students to implement feedback?

Using agreed success criteria, how do I structure peer to peer and self feedback?

Students as Resources for Each Other

Where do I plan for students to work collaboratively to support each other's learning?

How do I develop students' prior knowledge and understanding to support their peers?

How do I foster students' ability to peer assess and give peer-feedback?

Students as Owners of Learning

Do I support my students in managing their Student Language Portfolio?

How do I support my students to reflect on their learning and what language learning techniques work for them?

How do I ensure students implement feedback?

Improving Outcomes
for Students


To what extent do the learning activities and tasks I use in class allow me to make judgements on the quality of learning happening for students in line with the intended learning as set out in my units of learning?

To what extent is the assessment ...?


How do I ensure I judge all students' work against the same markers of quality as described in success criteria?

To what extent do I ensure all students are clear about the quality described in the success criteria?


To what extent do I ensure students understand and are fully clear on:

  • what they are learning
  • why they are learning it
  • how they will learn it
  • how the learning will be assessed
  • the quality outlined in the success criteria against which their work will be judged?


To what extent do I create activities and tasks that allow students to communicate in the target language in the classroom so I can observe their knowledge, skills ability and values as they are developing?


To what extent do I create learning activities and tasks that allow all students to demonstrate their learning and understanding as it develops in line with their pace of learning and ability?


If assessment drives learning, to what extent do my assessments focus on the knowledge, skills, ability and values I wish to develop?

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Overview to Formative Assessment

Five Aspects of Formative Assessment

Principles of Effective Assessment

Clarifying the Intended Learning

How do I clarify the learning intention/learning intentions for my unit of learning with my students?

How do I devise success criteria to show students what quality looks like and build learner confidence?

How do I ensure students understand them fully?