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Students as Owners of Learning

Activating students to self-regulate their learning


Now what?

  • When planning for learning, how do I consider student interests to support ownership of their learning?
  • How do I encourage students to reflect on their learning?
  • What strategies do I use to encourage students to reflect upon their learning?
  • What structures are in place within my MFL department for how students might reflect on their learning?

  • Using a simple lights system, students indicate whether they understand:
    • well (green)
    • partially (amber)
    • or little (red).
  • Through further discussion, students explain what is (and is not) understood and why.
  • This, in turn, informs their next actions for learning.

Traffic Lights

Increased voice and choice in the MFL classroom increases student engagement and motivation. Self-regulated feedback fosters the willingness and capability to self-assess, develop confidence and independence.

  • Students regularly upload items to an online space (e.g. MS OneNote, Google Classroom) to support their own learning.
  • Items can be shared with others for feedback and review purposes.
  • Students can select their best work for assessment.

Digital Space for Work

  • Students are presented with a board of items from which to choose.
  • The board might contain a series of texts or activities (audio, written and visual) around a common theme.
  • Students choose texts based on their preference, and by doing so, are able to build on their skills and talents.

Choice Board

So what does this look like in the MFL classroom?

Are there other approaches that you use?

Below are some strategies that may prompt your thinking.