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Lack of information literacy and culture,Virtual consultation: Digital Agriculture and Inclusion – Priorities for the agricultural research, development and innovation agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean,Currently, digital technology issues are being addressed, however it is done on a reduced scale,LIMITING FACTORS,Little coverage and quality of ICT,Problems in connectivity and electrical systems,Agricultural research,Digital technologies are not yet accessible to agricultural producers in general, the digital divide is still very large,Integration and organizations,High costs of equipment and services,Low schooling,Development and promotion of digital technologies for agriculture,PRIORITIES FOR THE AGENDA,WHAT IS CURRENTLY BEING DONE?,Public policies,Lack of training in the use of platforms and devices,Absense of public policies,Lack of integration between productive sectors,ACCESS ISSUES,Extension and rural advisory services,Capacities to take advantage of digital technologies,Coverage, quality and access to ICTs,Agricultura basada en datos,See the full summary,Versión en español