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why do you have to listen to music?

we all listen to music without knowing that it has beneficial effects for us

ex: in car

  • music is motivating and fun
  • music helps to play sports
  • music promotes memory and cognitive functions
  • music helps to relieve pain

why you need to listen to music ?

on mood, health and creativity - stimulates the release of dopamine. -actives the secretion of endorphins providing a feeling of well-being

music has many benefits

Music would be even more effective than an anxiolytic to reduce pre-operative anxiety

a 2009 study of patients who underwent cardiac surgery showed that listening to soft and relaxing music helped reduce stress levels after surgery

music reduces stress and anxiety

A 2013 study showed that patients with fibromyalgia listened to music once a day for four weeks. those who listened to music said they felt less pain.

music helps to relieve pain

Music is accessible to all and demonstrated by studies that it is beneficial for health, motivation, stress management...

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