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Malta is an island in Southern Europe. It is the largest and most populous of the three major islands that constitute the Maltese Archipelago. The island is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, directly south of Italy and north of Libya.

Where is Malta?

Adorning the Grand Harbour in the city of Birgu, this splendid fort is credited as being the most noteworthy in Maltese History used by the Knights of St. John as a stronghold against the Ottomans. However, this is only part of its intriguing past!

Fort St Angelo

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Upper Barakka Gardens

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St John’s Co-cathedral & Museum

The Megalithic Temples

Comino (Maltese: Kemmuna) is a small island of the Maltese archipelago between the islands of Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea,
Gozo is an island in the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is part of the Republic of Malta. After the island of Malta itself, it is the second-largest island in the archipelago


Food and DrinkMaltese cuisine is the result of a long relationship between the Islanders and the many civilisations who occupied the Maltese Islands over the centuries. This marriage of tastes has given Malta an eclectic mix of Mediterranean cooking. Although the restaurant scene is a mix of speciality restaurants, there are many eateries that offer or specialise in local fare, serving their own versions of specialities.

What Is the Official Language of Malta?