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Ms Sposato is giving a pop quiz and the classroom is feeling indifferent.


Click each student's face to reveal the tone of the moment and explain how they may be feeling.

Tone: "Max has been studying his fractions daily. He is ready for this pop quiz". Mood: What do you think Max's mood is?

Ms. Sposato announces that there will be a pop quiz on fractions next period.

Tone: "Katie has been working on fractions with her tutor but is still not confident with her skills." Mood: How is Katie feeling after the announcement of the pop quiz?

Tone: "Tommy sank into his seat as Ms Sposato announced the pop quiz. He hasn't opened his math book since last Friday!" Mood: Is Tommy ready to take this quiz? How is he feeling? How does his facial expression differ?

Tone: "Brandon has been studying fractions all week. He's been using online tools to sharpen his skills." Mood: Do you think brandon is ready for this pop quiz? How would you say Brandon is feeling at this moment?

Tone: Michael usually copies Katie's paper on every quiz. Since Ms Sposato moved his seat two days ago, he doesn't know how he will pass this quiz. Mood: Based on the tone of the text and Michael's face, how is he feeling at this moment?

Tone: Ms Sposato wants to ensure her students are ready for the state test. She has been giving pop quizzes weekly to ensure her students take the initiative to study. Mood: Do you think Ms. Sposato is harsh for giving pop quizzes? Explain