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When you give a boring presentation, your class is filled with yawns and there's so much text that there's no room for a single image.



Provide context for your topic

Visual content is a cross-cutting and universal language, like music. We can understand images from millions of years ago, even from other cultures.

  • Plan your content structure.
  • Give visual prominence to key points and main ones.
  • Define secondary messages with interactivity.
  • Establish a flow through the content.
  • Measure the results.


Provide context for your topic

With tranquility and conciseness. Synthesize the content.

Generate learning experiences with your content.

Measure results and experiment.

Interactivity + animation = motivation



An awesome title

Provide context to your topic with a subtitle

We better capture visual content. This type of content is associated with cognitive and psychological mechanisms. Things enter through the eyes, the first image is what matters. We associate visual content with emotions.

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Theoretical framework

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Does the window allow for adding more extensive content? You can enhance your genially by incorporating PDFs, videos, text... The content of the window will appear when clicking on the interactive element.