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Work done by: Salvatore Caforio, Marco Mastrangelo, Christian Leuzzi, Romano Giorgio



What do you think the situation will be like in 50 years time?

What do you personally know about it?

Are there lots of people affected by it?

How has the problem evolved over the last few decades?

Criminality percentage in Italy

Why is it a problem?

If crime is really frequent it could cause the population to get frustrated with the government and revolt. For this reason the government, since the Roman Empire, has made the laws that in past could be both oral and written.

Crime is a problem, because it causes damage to the victims of it, that could lose money, properties or even their life. And it’s not morally right that some people could get as rich as the people that work normally, like with a robbery, and when a criminal becomes rich it’s because someone has lost something of value.

Why is it a problem?

An example could be about a mother in Afghanistan (or in Pakistan) After knowing a rapist killed her daughter. The same day She shot him in front of the judge.

According to us, based on the crime committed, there are more people than what you think that are affected by it, tremendously.All crimes are a misery, but each of them Is classified in many types, depending on the Place, the cause and the weaponary used.What people dont know is that people affected by It could cause more crimes, with their mind filled with Revenge.

Are there lots of people affected by it?

Criminality percentage in Italy

Even though they're not as high as in other countries, crimes exist in different ways all over Italy. Violent crimes like murders, sexual violence, and attacks are pretty rare here. In 2021, the murder rate was 0.51, which is super low compared to other countries in Europe, just after Luxembourg and Slovenia. But Italy's known for its organized crime gangs, all called Mafia. They're everywhere, which makes financial crimes like corruption, theft, and trafficking more common here.

How has the problem evolved over the last few decades?

The crime rate in Italy has improved over the last few decades. During the 80's and the 90's our crime rate was very high and for this reason we called that years, “the years of lead” but fortunately our police is getting more efficient and it’s arresting all the criminal organisations. But now due to the increasing of hackers and of digital crimes, the police have to find new methods to defeat this new type of crime.

Crime is a problem, where are involved people that do illegal activities , like burglary, drug trafficking, homicide and vandalism. It could be organized crime so the criminals work together or they could just work alone. Some people don’t know that also the holocaust is considered as a war crime which is nonetheless a crime; and we think that it was the biggest crime ever committed, in fact more than 6 million of Jews died alongside polish and russian people, counting all the politicians against Hitler.

What do you personally know about it?





In ten years, we think nothing much will change, but maybe it’ll have a little downfall because of the police working harder on people’s safety and justice.


This phenomenon of the digital crime could be found also today, for example when criminals use technology to violate security sistems such as allarms or security cams, this could be done to lower the chance of risk on being discovered and arrested.

We think that crime will get worse over the next 50 years due to the development of technology and the creation of new weapons, crime would get even much more serious than today. For example there will be more hackers that will increase the digital crime, which consists in hacking devices that could lead criminals to steal enormous amounts of money.

What do you think the situation will be like in 50 years time?

In fifty years, it’d be a point of no return. technology will continue developing, bringing only one side to the top: Security or Digital Crime. It’s either “extreme security” or “eternal, and ferocious, attacks”. We can do nothing about it but wait and see who’ll stand on top.

In forty years, as technology will develop, even the malwares and viruses will, making it easier for hackers to track down any device and passing through shields of our anti-virus. As digital crime will expand, people in real life would be able to do it in “incognito”

In thirty years, crimes would become something to follow to make justice for themselves instead of the authorities as the society will slowly collapse into a mess of bloodshed.

In twenty years, crimes could be more common and frequent in various regions and the police would be occupied and, at the same time, distracted. That’d be an huge problem if crime expands even more than just a single area.






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