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Report with imagines
1.The traffic is avarage, the noises can be heard, but they aren’t that annoying (balcony and garden) in the inside the noises can barely be heard.

2.Doors and windows are all to be replaced and there are 40 pieces (some of them have outside shutters, still to be replaced).

3.The water pipes are made out of iron and all the systems should be replaced.

4. It wasn’t possible to verify the water pressure (the owner says that it’s avarage and there aren’t any problems). Indeed there is a 1 inch pipe attached to the meter and there is a pressure adapter, therefore there shouldn’t be any pressure problems.

5. The heating system for the making of hot water is granted by a diesel oil boiler that can eventually be replaced by a gas one. It grants service in all the residence.

6. The gas system should be replaced.

7A). It’s possible to have air condition in all the residence either with a canalized system or with a classic split ones.

7B). The wood floors are in decent conditions and can be sanded and polished, the marble floors are in good conditions and can be polished, the ceramic floor should be replaced.

8. The residence was built in the 40s, it’s sturdy and well built, the foundation and the main walls are made out of bricks/stone and concrete, the base is made out of concrete. The residence wasn’t inhabitated in 5 years and it’s adequately kept, but with maintenance to do.

9. The heating system is working but it’s old.

10A). There are some traces of mold caused by old leaks on the roof, currently there are 2 seepage of water in the balcony (easily repairable).

10B). In the garage there are some parts of the walls with umidity (easily curable).

11. The roof is in good conditions (it was fully replaced 10 years ago) it was isolated with isolating isotec panels system, the attic is pretty clean and well kept.

12. The electric system is to be fully changed.

13. The wood railing can be replaced in any moment.

14A). The main outside walls are in decent conditions with some maintenance to do.

14B).Meanwhile some secondary walls had cave in and they should be rebuilt .

15. A swimming pool can be built in any shape, but the surface of the water should not be over 50m2.