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Solenn Lorgeré and Noémie Marin

Black Widow

Black widow :


- Started existing in 1964.- Appears at a time when spies was an obsession.- Cold war.

02. First appearance

Black Widow :

- Tales of Suspense #52 .- Sent by a communist leader.- Has to seduce Iron Man.- Embodies the symbol of spies at the time.

A character who evolved


Thanks to Hawkeye

- She will like the USA- She will be free from the Soviet regime - She will become later a symbol of the feminist movement in the US

The Avengers


Later she appears in a film : The Avengers :

- Sent by the Soviet Union to destroy them-However she joins the team- She becomes one of the most emblematic super-hero of the Marvel universe

As a conclusion, Black Widow :


- Is a tool to embody the Soviet Union in comic books- Marvel needed her to get closer to the reality of the world - Black Widow (Soviet Union) VS Iron Man (U.S.A)- She finally becomes an ally of the Avengers (reassure the audience)