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Start point: San VitaleEnd point: Battistero Neoniano

  • Go sud est on Via San Vitale
  • Turn right and take Via Giuliano Argentario
  • Go straight to Via Carlo Cattaneo
  • Turn left and take Via Massimo D'Azeglio
  • Go straight to Piazza John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • Go straight to Via Arnaldo Guerrini
  • Turn right and take Via Romolo Gessi
  • Go straight to Piazza Arcivescovado
  • Your start end is on the right

ten min seven hundred meters

  • Go west on Piazza del Popolo verso via cairoli
  • Go straight to Via Santi Muratori
  • Turn right and take Via Giacomo Matteotti
  • Turn left on Via Camillo Benso Cavour
  • Turn right and take Via Salaria
  • Turn left on Via Salaria

Start point: Piazza del PopoloStart end: San Vitale

six minuti five hundred meters