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rosa parks

  • who was she
  • Rosa's accomplishments
  • what happened to her

the historical period

rosa parks subjets

Rosa Luise McCauley was born in Tuskegee, 4 Febbraio 1913. She was an American civil rights activist.

Who was her

Was a civil rights protest during which Africans Americans refused to ride city buses in Mongomery to protest segregated seating.


mongomery bus boycott

Rosa Parks refused to stand up and move so a white man could take her seat and was arrested.


1st december 1955

It meant the seat at the front were reserved for white people and those are back were for black people.


segregation on buses

what happened to her


In 1999 she received a Congressional Gold Medal.

'The mother of the civil rights movement'

ROsa's accomplishments

Thank you for listening

It was a system in place in South Africa that separate people based on their race and skin color.


The historical period


The segregation was between the 1940 and the 1970. Actually it started about in the 1880.It is the practice of requiring separate housing, education and other services for people of colour.

On the 5st she was found guilty of ignoring the segregation laws