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Fast fashion & fast food

Fast fashion is a segment of the clothing industry characterised by the very rapid renewal of the garments offered for sale.
Food waste is when food are thrown away. It happen throughout the supply chain from agricultural production to storage.
But firstly, what is food waste and fast fashion ?
The paradox of the century :Does technology and environmental awarness lead some of the most polluting industries in the right or in the wrong direction ?
Some of documents seen in class :
I think that these days it's difficult to realise this because everyone buys clothing brands like Zara or H&M but we must and we can change this.
Workers are paid no more than $1 an hour in Bangladesh or Cambodia.
We can also see that workers are overexploited in dangerous conditions and are forced to work long hours.
We can see that America buy 20 billion garment per year wich is over than 1 item per person per week.
The first document is some statistic on fast fashion
When I see the disaster that fast fashion creates, I would like to be able to buy clothes that are directly created in healthy conditions that respect the person and the environment. But it's really difficult because of prices.
Buying clothes at a lower price actually contributing to the death, illness and sufferinf of people who worked for this.
In this trailer, we can see everything we don't see as consumers of fast fashion.
The second document is a trailer of a documentary who uncovers the dark side of the fashion industry.
I think, to crate an app like this to reduce food waste is just perfect and it also helps people whith less financial resources.
This helps to drastically reduce food waste because about 40% of food in the U.S end up in the trash. Every second, To Good To Go save 2 meals.
To Good To Go consit to encourage shops not to keep unsold goods and turn them into surprise bags that shoppers can buy.
The third document is a video who present an app called To Good To Go.
I think it would be really interesting to install this machine in all establishments to reduce food waste by using AI and technology.
Its use is for companies selling food or in school canteens, for example. After it detected all the different food who's been waste, it can give an estimate of what food is most likely to be thrown away so that the establishment can buy less of it.
Kitro consist to measure all of the food waste just by putting the food in a special large bin.
The last document is a video who present an object that helps reduce food waste.
Some personal documents :
This document gives us a deeper understanding of how clothes from major brands such as Zara and H&M are made.
You can easily put this document in the sequence because this illustration represents the fast fashion and all the deaths that this generates. This document is also pretty easy to understand.
This illustration perfectly illustrates the damage caused by fast fashion. We can see the label of a t-shirt with its composition writen on it and it's written "20% blood".
The first document is an illustration about the fast fashion.
What's more, this document can be used by anyone and not only a big company.
You can easily put this document in the sequence because this illustration shows other tips that we haven't seen in class.
This illustration is a poster giving advice on how to avoid food waste in several steps.
The second document is an illustration about the food waste.
In this chapter, I really liked the way it raised awareness of this current issue. For me, it's very important to talk about it.
I suppose that technology like Kitro or To Good To Go are more than useful for avoid food waste and reduce contamination. Other warning for the fast fashion can also be a great help in reducing pollution and greenhouse gases.

Conclusion :