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Cathedral “S. Maria Assunta”

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Cathedral “S. Maria Assunta”

Arab Norman Monuments

Palermo Cathedral “S. Maria Assunta”

This cathedral was started in 1185 by the norman archbishop Gualtiero Offamilio. It is an interesting mixing of many different styles: arab-norman, gothic, baroque, neoclassical.

Inside this beautiful building you can visit the Royal tombs and the urn with the relics of the patron Saint of Palermo Santa Rosalia. There is also a treasury with a precious medieval crown and an impressive crypt.

Norman Palace

St Mary of the Admiral (“La Martorana”)

This church is located in piazza Bellini, in the heart of Palermo. It was built in the XII century by George of Antioch, Admiral of the Norman king Roger II and was enlarged in the baroque period.

Inside there are marvellous mosaic decorations in arab and byzantine style. This building gives the name to one of the most popular sicilian cake the “frutta di martorana” (marzipan with the shape of fruit)

This is a gorgeous palace dating back to the XII century. It contains the world famous “Cappella Palatina” (Palatine Chapel) built in 1132. The chapel is decorated in Norman/Byzantine/Arab style and is really beautiful. The gardens outside are amazing, too.