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A quick guide to create your CV using the Europass format

This is the homepage. If you want, you can log in if you already have an account.Otherwise, scroll down

Once on the web, type "Europass CV" and look for this site.

First, you need to select the language you want your CV to be written in. So, select "English" in the menu.

Click on "Create new CV" to begin a new resume.If you have already started a CV, click on "Import Europass CV"

Scroll down and select "Create your Europass CV"

When everything is ready, you can start filling in the section with your personal information.If you want, you can add your social networks accounts, but don't forget they must be acceptable and not contain compromising material

When you've finished the section, scroll down and click on "Save"

You can always modify your information by clicking on the "edit" button.Otherwise, click on "Add new section"

Choose what section you can add from list (one at a time).Include everything you find useful in a job perspective.You should include Education and training, Work experience, Language and Digital skills. You can then work on the soft skills section (communication and interpersonal skills).Select one entry and click "Add section"

With "Edit" you can modify the section at any time.Once finished, you can click on "Add new section".

Fill in the section with the requested information.Once finished, click on "Save".

In the "Work experience" section, the platform helps you by providing possible entries. Scrolling down, you should also specify what tasks you were asked to do during your work experience.

In the soft skills section, put the skill in the title section. In the description section, you should state where and how you acquired/trained that particular skill, as showed in the tips

Once you've finished all the sections and you're happy with the result, click "next"

You can personalise your CV choosing between four templates, different colours and the text size.Once you're satisfied, tick on "Add closing statement"

In this area, you need to write a privacy statement: "According to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679, I hereby express my consent to process and use the data provided in this Curriculum Vitae for recruiting purposes"You may also need to add reference to art. 46 and 47 of DPR 445/2000 (especially for the public sector), where you declare the authenticity and truthfulness of the information provided.Don't forget to add date, place and your signature.

Eventually, you just need to rename your CV and download it.If you're logged in, you can also save it on your account