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Fast fashion and fast food :

The paradox of the century


In the 21st century, food and clothing are increasingly accessible, but at what price ? In fact, for more than 10 years, pollution, modern slavery and mass wastage in the face of starving populations have been commonplace throughout the world. so firstly we're going to define fast fashion: fast fashion refers to a trend in the fashion industry that consists of renewing different collections ultra-rapidly . This sequence is in line with the theme of knowledge, creation and innovation, and with the theme of science and technology, promise and challenges, so we can ask the question: does technology and environmental awareness lead some of the most polluting industries in the right or the wrong direction??

Présentation and analys of docs seen in class

this iconographic denounce the industry and brand like nike who forced child to produce clothes and sneakers .We can see in the picture a massive man which represents nike with his shirt , "the swoosh" and the fact that he says the slogan .With this phrase he scares children and with the logo he threatens to hit them .

I like this document because his super strong and touches the person who sees it and that a good idea to take everything that represents the brand to denounce it his very well done .

this article write by Eve Upton-Clark talk about the gen Z and his addiction to fast fashion .She explains generation z spends more on fashion than anything else and why this is a problem particularly with the paradox of this gen "Gen Z's economic power is growing faster than other generations"..."The market-research firm Mintel found that younger generations tend to outspend older generations on fashion. And more of the clothes they buy go to waste: In the UK, 64% of 16- to 19-year-olds said they have purchased clothes that they have never worn"after that the article refers to the second hand.

I didnt really like this document because of it size but he explains the whole concept of the problem of gen z ,work on this text was not funny at all

link for the full article

this video made by Kristen leo explain what is "Fast sashion and why this his bad for global warning and people .In the video we can see lot of problems cause by this new practice like the horriblecondition of workers ,the use of chimic product deversed in the rivers the ridiculous salary and more .

"If you are a fast fashion victime stop it "

I guess it a great idea to explain all the faults of the fast fasion to discourage us from buying and, above all, to raise our awareness of the subject and the issues at play.The video is well execute and fast so il like this documents and he is very good for class

link of the video

this video made by NowThis Impact explain the whole concept of an app "To Good To Go" which is an application that consists in making surprise bags with the unsold goods of the day in different stores (bakery, restaurant, etc.) at low prices to fight against food waste in the world.

I liked this video fist because of the concept of the app witch is very intrusting for help people like students with no budget to have acces to good things without paying to much and at the same time for fight against food waste ,The concept is clear and makes you want to test .

This article write by The Vegeterian Traveller talk about the practice of take food that has been thrown out by supermarkets these food dont have passed expiration time but sell-by date so they can't keep selling the food.The author of the article say "all food that was perfectly delicious" but this practice is actually illegal in lot of contry

personally i think dumpster diving (other namme for freeganism) is a really good idea for everyone ,the sell-by date is a little bit stupid and something for dont throw all this food is good .I would think this practice have to be legal that for our planet and for fight food waste.I suppose i can do freeganism but im not in a big town and i dont by food at home so .. This article is really good and intrusting to show him in class.

presentation of new documents

Just eat it is a documentary film about food waste and rescue by peg leg film who treat the question of food waste .In this movie Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeye for 6 month only eat food witch will be throw or have been thow and we will realise how its easy to eat only like that .this film shows us how wasteful our society is and how to deal with it.

I guess this movie is really worthwhile and show reality of our society , so i can be intresting to just show the trailer if you want and not the whole movie if its to long .

the second document is an article by earth . O R G and he explain what is fast fashion , the dark side of her , the environnemental ,the social impact and a solution with slow fashion .

This document is intresting for the class because is very complete and can explains the whole concept without being too hard to understand.That can change from other to work on a new one .

link for full article


to conclude, I think technology is leading the most polluting industries like fast fashion or food in the right direction. in fact, thanks to it, we can be more aware and able to react. in addition, lots of new applications like to good to go or independent brands are being created to fight against these problems in the industry.Finally, I liked everything about this chapter, including the questionnaire at the beginning, the videos, the documents used, and just one activity that didn't convince me: the article.