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Chiara Anacarso, Simona Busiello, Maria Caputo, Maria De Falco e Marica Rea

Startups are innovative, disruptive and problem solving. There are so, me characteristics of startups, for example INNOVATION, SCALABILITY, FLEXIBILITY and CUSTOMER FOCUS.


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- Isola Verde Food is an innovative startup that offers vegetarian food in edible dishes- It reclaims customers food scraps and turns them into natural compost- This compost is sold to farmers- The profits made are used to fund:-- beach cleanups-- tourist guides in the area-- the km0 foods for the business

A Start Up can also solve lots of problems, for example the issue of polluted beaches. The waste that pollutes the sea and Italian beaches is a real emergency, most of it is plastic waste.


  • Startup that collects waste from beaches
  • Equipment for sustainable restaurants
  • Animals included
  • Choice of the beaches and restaurants of this startup through the website
  • Expressing opinions