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The childacare


The job of childacare assistant

How to become a childcare assistant ?

The places in which the childcare assistant works


His missions

His responsabilities

The qualities required

The avantages as well as the disavantages

Skills to have

The job of childacare assistant

The childcare assistant accompanies the young child in his daily needs such as -separation - naps - meals -games- diapers - activities

As well as daily care such as -hygiene-dietetics while respecting the rhythm of each child.

How to become a childcare assistant ?

It takes 1 year to prepare for the DE as a childcare assistant, which is mandatory to practice. Access on the basis of an application and an interview without any diploma requirement, from the age of 17 at least. Some professional diplomas (baccalaureate and CAP) give rise to training reductions.

The places in which the childcare assistant works

They can work in -a permanent reception center- at the consultations of a PMI -in a nursery -at the child's home- in a maternity ward or in a hospital department.


-Minimum wage in the private sector. -1873 euros gross per month (hospital civil service)-1836 euros gross per month (territorial civil service).

nursery ( territorial civil service)

Hospital civil service

The missions

Work as part of a team with other auxiliaries and often with early childhood educators;

Be with the child throughout the day, from the process of separation from the parents at the time of reunion

Take care of the children: change them, put them to bed, feed them and animate the awakening times by doing activities with the children and arranging the space

Listen to parents, reassure them and give them advice on parenting.


-Nursing care to support children from 0 to 6 years old on a daily basis- Early learning activities to help the child's development -Rigorous administrative follow-up (updating of medical records, drafting of written transmissions for the entire team or parents, etc.).

qualities required

The childacare assistant contains required qualities such as being enpathetic in order to best meet the needs of childreen and parents , and being available to promote interaction between the adult and the child Have patience for all situations encountered as well as being creative in sitting - up activities

The avantages as well as the disavantages



being in contact with childreen

Having weekends

Followig childreen for almost 3 years for same

seeing the child's progress

being often lowerd - feeling psychological and physical labor a lot of work- lacking staff

Skills to have

The skills to be possessed must be availability and listening developing serenity - Patience and self-control- in all circumstances:- Respect and tolerance for families: - Empathy to provide support to children: -Adopt a neutral attitude

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