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Dystopian vs Utopian Fiction




  • Environmental Devastation: Dystopian stories often take place in ruined places or settings where Earth is facing collapse. Some stories focus on how climate change and global warming impact society.
  • Government power: Governments have a major role in dystopian tales. They can be absent or oppressive ruling bodies.
  • Loss of Individuality: Many dystopian futures show the dangers of everyone being the same and explore the balance between individual and societal needs.
  • Fight for survival/extreme social divides: In dystopian worlds, oppressive forces and destruction force people to take care of themselves. There is usually mass poverty and very few who are financially well off.
  • Control through technology: Advanced science and technology in dystopian stories are more than just helpful tools. They often symbolize a controlling force, instilling fear in people.

  • Utopian stories often take place in places or settings where everything is close to perfect, which results in complete harmony.
  • A peaceful world, where citizens have no fear of the outside world.
  • A happy and cared-for society.
  • A place where people are listened to and their best interests and well-being are acted on.
  • People are free and independent thought is encouraged