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Alexis aka rat

life updates


rise n' grind
Section I


+work tip

No more off-cycle terms - yay!Taking on a big summer task - boo & yay?.July 5 will be one yearSome faculty are starting to try meRumors and tea


document everything

your work and contributions on special projects should not go unnoticed. save them for your next performance review or add them to your resume/LinkedIn page (if appropriate)!

these fiends be lyin' sometimes and you need the read receipts to set them straightexhibit A: almost every student ever


20.04 h

Provost, can you talk more about the increasing duties of course mgrs, and if salaries will align? - prog. director

AMEN to that-renada

20.00 h

you do the LEAST renada, so idk what ur talking about-alexis

syllabi iterations are a trying time for faculty and I as we prepare for the upcoming term.course managers control their course syllabi as well as async content in Canvas Blueprints.

the story ofrenada

20.20 h

what's goin on in my head?
Section II


send help, but




overall this might be my best year yet

what i've been doing
Section III

photos& stuff

fact: I have more than 12k photos on my phone

i like to go places
Section IV


3/29-3/31: VA trip with Kyle and his college friends


Meadows of Dan, VA

6/2-6/8: with my brother's family and my cousin, we're going even higher into the mtns

boone &blowing rock

Boone, NC

Sometime in July after graduating, we are taking a roadtrip to visit my aunt and uncle in Chattanooga, and Kyle's uncle in NashvilleI'm Guy Fieri, and we're rollin' out. Lookin' for America's Greatest Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

TN roadtrip



I'm here


I'm doing alright, iron levels are chilling. Kyle thinks I have ADHD tho. My blood pressure and resting heart rate are the best they've ever been.

Working out

I have been working out consistently 5-6 days a week doing functional strength training (about 5 months). Only lost 3lbs. but gained lots of muscle and tone!

Weaponized Incompetence

If they're capable of doing it, why are they asking you to complete the task? HOL' UP

  • Offer to show them or direct to instructional resources
  • Speak to your supervisor
  • Flip the script: "nah I'm dumb too, gg"

"Spring Break"

  • Just finished my second class this year!
  • 2 weeks off
  • idk what else to write here

What is a Blueprint?

Our version of Canvas includes a Blueprint course, generated prior to the start of each term. Individual course sections are connected and synced to this Blueprint course.Course managers make revisions to the Blueprint, initiate sync, and all sections are consistent.