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Louise and Faustine

Nathalie Portman

Amalia(her daughter )
Aleph(his son )
benjamin millepied(ex-husband)





nathalie portman :-actress -producer -director




shelley Hershlag(his mother )
Avner Hershlag(his dad)






she is of Israeli-American origin


Natalie Portman got her first film role in Luc Besson's Léon in 1994. She was 13 when the film was released (12 when it was shot). She played Mathilda, a child who befriends a hitman and seeks to avenge the death of her younger brother.

first movie

Nathalie Portman launched her career in 1999,at the age of sixteen with the release of Star Wars, in which she played Padmé amidala.

principal characters

Qui-Gon Jinn : Liam neeson Yoda : Frank oz ......

Ian McDiarmid

Palpatine :

Jar Jar Binks : ahmed best

Obi-Wan Kenobi: ewan mcgregor

Peter Serafinowicz

Padmé Amidala : nathalie portman sabé : keira knightleydark maul :

Anakin Skywalke : jake Lloyd

star wars:





-8 Award in 2011 including a golden globe , an oscar , and the British academy award for best actress

-1 award in 2007

-1 award in 2009

-12 award in 2010

-2002 : Teen Choice Award for best actress in an action movie

-2005: Golden Globe for best actress in a second rôle

-2004:San Diego Film Critics Society Award for best actress in a second rôle

The rewards of her career as an actress:

Defended causes

animal rights

women's association

women's march

nathalie's speech

inspiration wedding


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