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This week we will review all that we’ve learned about rational functions. There will be a test on rational functions on Friday.

This week we will take a very in depth look at polar graphs.

This week we will begin our final BC unit on sequences and series.

This week we begin our exploration of geometry with a look at parallel and perpendicular lines. We will first define and write the equations of these lines. Then, we will learn to simplify radicals before heading out for Spring Break! E-Portfolio #6 is due by Tuesday, April 16 at 11:59. This includes a submission of your recording of your presentation. Purpose, directions, and rubric for grading on this project can be found on Canvas.

We will begin our exploration of transformations this week with a study of translations and reflections. Be sure to stay on top of both your labs and post labs this week. E-Portfolio #6 will be assigned after Spring Break.