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Reading short stories in-class: Bartleby & The Luck of Roaring Camp 2 commonplaces: 1 for each story

Read Book 11 in the Iliad 2 commonplaces

We will have economics lectures.

Lectures on and primary sources from the Hundred Years War.

We will have a rhetoric assignment for Part II of The Stranger due by the last day of school before the break. We will be working on building sets and rehearsings scenes for the play otherwise.

Please be prepared for a Test on the Peloponnesian War and the life of Socrates. We will conclude by looking at Plato, Aristotle, and the origins of Alexander the Great this week concluding our survey of ancient Greece by next week.

We push on with sentence types 9 and 10 this week. There will NOT be a preposition quiz this week. There will be two graded sentence syntax and pattern practices.

After reading Chaucer’s Prologue, students will be jumping into the exciting world of the Canterbury Tales. They will also be reflecting on their final drafts of their short stories before creating their own descriptive “Mt. Airy Tale” in the vein of Chaucer himself. Keep an eye on PowerSchool and Google Classroom for further information on assignments.

Students will be jumping into the turbulent world of the 1960s while also (some of them) learning and honing their writing techniques for the APUSH exam. APUSH students should be reviewing (see my email to them) for the exam on a consistent basis. Keep an eye on PowerSchool and Google Classroom for further information on assignments.

Your questions on Alexander and Hellenism are due on Monday, and your map of the Roman Empire is due by end of day on Thursday. The lectures will cover the history of earliest Rome and the differences between literary and archeological evidence in the pre-Republican era.