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Cross-Media Branding and Off-Air Promotion

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossmedia

Cross media is a ‘media experience…. distributed across media platforms using a variety of media forms'

Cross-media: Definitions

  • General term for the use of content on one media platform to promote content on another platform (e.g. TV show trailer appearing on radio)
  • This is done to strengthen the image and promotion of a particular brand, company, product, or content stream
  • 4 main types (see next slides)
Cross-media branding type 2: Extras
Cross-media branding type 1: Pushed
  • Different content produced alongside the main content and delivered on different platforms
    • ‘Behind-the-scenes’
    • Radio webcam
    • Webisodes
    • Promotional mobile apps
    • Fortnite & Second Life
    • Facebook/Tik-Tok
  • Content is simply placed onto another platform
  • Content could be extended, shortened or the same
    • Example: an edited version of a TV programme repurposed as an audio podcast
  • Not much cross-promotion / triggering; less effective

+ info

  • The most interactive, truest form of crossmedia branding
  • Audiences are encouraged to find further content on a different platform via strong Calls-To-Action
  • Examples:
    • Superbowl 38 advert – dangerous car stunts are paused, then viewers encourage to go to SeeWhatHappens.com
    • Use of Hashtags
    • Compare the Meerkat

Cross-media branding type 3: Bridges

  • Content distributed across many platforms in a non-linear way, e.g. Star Wars and MCU
  • Producer is ‘hands-off’; user drives order of events, creating their own path through the experience
  • Elements can take place in the real world
  • Augmented reality games are good examples

Cross-media branding type 4: Transmedia

Off-Air Promotion

Using a powerful radio presence to promote events in real life (IRL)Examples:

  • Radio 1's Big Weekend
  • Glastonbury
  • Clyde 1 Live

Working in pairs, come up with an on-air imaging idea for each of the following off-air promotional activities. Make brief notes explaining your concept and how it meets the needs of the station and listener. Then make two of the clips (including rough scripting of voice parts).

  1. City of Glasgow College’s Freshers’ Fair (City Radio)
  2. Radio X trail seeking entries for a station-endorsed Battle of the Bands competition, culminating in a live final at a suitable venue. You can invent further details.
  3. BBC Radio 2 intimate live performance at Maida Vale studios, featuring an appropriate artist of your choice
  4. Clyde 1 hosting a live event in George Square to support their Cash for Kids appeal.
  5. BBC Radio 1 talent search – finding the presenters of tomorrow. You can invent further details.

Off-Air Activity Tasks

Got an idea?

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