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Week of 3/25

What are we working on?Monday- Live Classroom Tuesday- Physical Geography of South Asia Wednesday- Living With Monsoons Thurs- Resources, Land Use and Conservation Friday-No School There will be a quiz Tuesday** Please use study guide and look over material**

What are we working on? We are starting Unit 7! This Unit is on Rational Numbers! Topic 1 focuses on Negative Numbers and Absolute Value!Important Vocabulary for this unit: absolute value, common factor, common multiple, coordinates, greatest common factor, least common multiple, maximum, minimum, negative number, opposite, origin, positive number, quadrant, rational number, sign, solution to an inequality, x−axis, x−coordinate, y−axis, y−coordinate Our Next Assessment: Quiz 7.1.8 on April 8, 2024Reminders: Please continue to work on i-Ready math lessons and overdue assignments! Shout Out: Zoey S. from 5th period! Great job completing i-Ready lessons and always being a great participator in class! Keep up the awesome work, Zoey! Heads up: Ms. Milton is out for state testing from 4/23-4/25.

What are we working on?Monday - RACE Strategy Writing (Graded Assignment)Tuesday - Live Classroom - Unit 3 Test ReviewWednesday - Unit 3 ReviewThursday - Unit 3 Test (Study Guide on Unit 3 Padlet and in webmail.) Please be working on overdue work over the 4-day weekend. If you need some help, reach out to Mrs. Annis!

What are we working on?On Monday and Tuesday, we will finish up our unit on Environmental concerns, with learning about land use. On Wednesday and Thursday, we will begin a new unit about PLANTS! There is no live class next week due to it being a four day week. SHOUTOUT TO the students who made the pollution project at home and shared it with me. If you did it but didn't share it with me yet, send me a picture or video in webmail! I'd love to see your work as an environmentalist! Heads up: Mrs. Robinson is out on 4/15-16 and for PSSA testing on 4/30-5/2.

Reminders: CARETAKERS: PLEASE COMPLETE THE INTENT TO RETURN TILE IN YOUR EDIO DASHBOARD!If you did not sign up for PSSAs yet, please send an email to your homeroom teacher so she can sign you up! Important Dates:-3/29 and 4/1 No school-4/4 End of marking pd. 3-4/5 Teacher Day- No classes, but log in for attendance-4/9 No class- COMPLETE YOUR LAST ELA iReady-4/17 No class- COMPLETE YOUR LAST Math iREADY-Testing Flex Days: 4/22, 4/30, 5/8, 5/16, 5/24 -5/27 Memorial Day- No School-6/7 Last Day