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Project Skills Week 23 Seminars

This week you will be submitting your artefact, the next step is for your group to attend the Q &A session

  • The Q & A session should take around 10-15 minutes.
  • Each of you will be asked 1-2 questions.
  • Questions will be on either the segment you contributed too, or your general contribution to their team’s effort.
  • The contribution mark is not just gauged by the Q &A session, team meeting notes and other evidence will also be used.
  • The Q & A session is importan because it is an opportunity for you to evidence how effectively you have worked team.
  • If you fail to attend the Q & A you will be determined to have not completed the assessment and will not receive marks for the 'evidence of collaboration' criteria NB this is worth 20% of your marks

Mock Question Session

  • The Q & A session is therefore the chance for you to score well
  • Remember the 2nd week on presentation skills gave advice on how to respond to questions.
Think, Pair, Share, 2 mins
  • What are some strategies you can use to deal with tough questions?

Time to Practise

  • In turn each group is to show/present 5 minutes of their artefact
  • After that you as their peers will have the chance to ask member of the group a question
  • Questions can focus on each members contribution, skills they have learned, challenges they encountered, any disgreements and how they were dealt with, or how the topic was decided

Possible Question Areas

  • • Topic – how the topic area was narrowed/decided?
  • • What did you find particularly interesting about …. (area of project worked on)
  • • Sources of information – how did you undertake research to support your project?
  • • What different sources of information did you use to support your Artefact?
  • • What key skills has working on the artefact helped you develop for university life?
  • • What was the biggest challenge you faced when completing the artefact?
  • • Did your group disagree over any part of the artefact and if so how did you resolve it?