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English Learning for Curious Minds


For level B2 and over

Most of them are available on their websites and on different platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and many others! A quick search in any podcatcher app will allow you to find any podcast that matches your interests.

Luke's English Podcast

VOA - Learning English - Science and Tech

BBC - Learning English Drama

BBC - News Review (Learning English)

Learning English Podcast - VOA

VOA Learning English - Arts and Culture

BBC - Global News Podcast

NPR - Up First


6 Minute English (Learning English)

NPR - Up First NPR's Up First is the news you need to start your day. The three biggest stories of the day, with reporting and analysis from NPR News — in 10 minutes.

BBC World Service - Global News Podcast The latest and all the top stories from BBC News. Twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends and special episodes. (30 minutes)

6 Minute English Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. Your weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Thursday (weekly, 6 mins.)

VOA Learning English Podcast Learning English programs use a limited vocabulary and short sentences. They are read at a slower pace than VOA's other English broadcasts. (daily, 30 mins.)

BBC - Learning English News Review A summary of the week's news in a more accessible language. News Review shows you how to use the language from the latest news stories in your everyday English (weekly, around 6 mins.)

VOA - Learning English - Arts & Culture Arts & Culture is our weekly program about music, pop culture, society and life. Episodes include transcripts and lists of vocabulary (5 mins. approx.)

VOA - Science and Tech News about developments in science, space exploration, environment and technology for English learners (5 mins. approx.)

Luke's English Podcast Luke is an experienced English teacher and stand-up comedian who has been producing this podcast since 2009. Aimed at advanced speakers, this one should help improve your English and make you laugh at the same time.

BBC - Learning English Drama Fancy listening to stories? Dramas for English language learners from BBC World Service. Improve your English with retellings of stories classic and new. (weekly, between 6 and 10 mins.)

English Learning for Curious Minds Learn weird and wonderful things about the world at the same time as improving your English. Every episode includes subtitles and key vocabulary and is spoken at a speed you can understand. (weekly, 20 mins approx.)