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South italy


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In this presentation we are going talk about southern Italy and the regions that compose it. We will also talk about its territory, its climate and its economy









The territory changes from region to region, but it's mainly flat, mountainous or hilly

Therefore a large part of Italy falls within the domain of warm temperate climates, of the Mediterranean type, while in the north there is a colder climate


The economy, as can be seen from the graph, trade has decreased while everything else has increased



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It is the largest island in the Mediterranean, as well as the largest region in Italy. The the territory is predominantly hilly and is characterized by intense activity volcanic. There is an important volcan is Etna

It is the most populous region in southern Italy, second in population density after Lombardy. The territory is predominantly hilly. Here is one of the major Italian volcanoes, Vesuvius.

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Located in the southwestern area, Calabria is the so-called «tip» of the Italian boot. It is a union between sea and mountains and develops between two seas, the Ionian to the east and the Tyrrhenian to the west.

Also commonly known as Lucania, it is a region of southern Italy from the mountainous and hilly territory it boasts eleven protected areas.

Located in the western Mediterranean, Sardinia is characterized by approximately 2000 km of coastline and such a varied landscape and ecosystem that the region is defined as a "micro-continent". The coasts are sandy while the hinterland is mountainous


Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, it is a magical combination of finds, history, art and uncontaminated nature, between splendid coasts and postcard landscapes. This is Puglia, a region of golden beaches and crystal clear waters, intense flavors and fascinating destinations: Castel del Monte, the trulli, the islands that cross towns kissed by a unique and unforgettable light.