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The Olympic Games

In ancient Greece

Restoration by Pierre de Coubertin


2024 Paris Olympic Games

19001st participation of women in the OG

1960first Paralympics Games

1936Berlin Games

1896First OG of the modern era

An important event

The video

  • 100 oxens the third day
  • 10 swans the fourth day
  • 200 goats the last day
  • 3 tigers the hundredth day

What was sacrified in honor of Zeus ? What day ?

Question 1

Answer:100 oxens the third day

  • Absolutely nothing
  • They only could participate in javelin throwin (lancer de javelots)
  • They could only train horses for chariot races

What could women did at the Olympic Games ?

Question 2

Answer: They only could train horses for chariot races

  • A gold tiara
  • A lot of money
  • A crown of leaves
  • A ring with their faces engraved on it

What did the winners get ?

Question 3

Answer: A crown of leaves