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The vegetarian, vegan and omnivorous diet

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  • In percentage terms, it is customary to indicate the correct balance of nutrients as follows:
  • 45-60% of total calories should be made up of carbohydrates, preferably complex and wholemeal
  • About 15% of the calories must come from proteins (precisely 0.9 g/kg of body weight)
  • 20-35% of calories should be represented by fat, of which less than 10% saturated.

What is the most balanced diet?

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Vegetarian diets, if properly planned, can promote health. In particular, those who follow a vegetarian diet have a reduced risk of getting sick from certain clinical conditions. It is not said that if a product consists mainly of herbal ingredients is automatically healthy. The quantity and frequency are always essential in a vegetarian diet, and it is good to keep fat, sugar and salt in mind.


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