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A wide-brimmed black hat would have identified a person as a doctor, much the same as how nowadays a hat may identify chefs, soldiers, and workers.


A very primitive (old and simple) gas mask was used when examining patients. The beak of the mask was filled with strongly aromatic herbs and flowers to overpower the miasma, or "bad air."


The exact use of a wooden cane is unknown, but it is believed to have been used to examine a patient from a distance. poke

Doctors wore heavy coats, scarves, and blankets over their hands and bodies. The overcoat was tucked behind the mask at the neckline to minimize exposure. Cloaks were usually coated in wax to help protect the doctor since body fluids could not stick to it.



Gloves were worn to prevent body fluids from coming into contact with the skin. Think of this like a simple version of the gloves doctors use today.


Durable shoes and thick socks were worn to prevent any entrance for body fluids.