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He is my brother Alexander, he plays soccer, he really likes the arts, he plays soccer 3 times a week in the afternoons. He usually plays soccer with his friends after school, sometimes he draws things in his notebook. He has many anime posters and is interested in video games. Alexander's drawings are very creative. In the photo he is resting from exercise in the morning. He exercises three times a week.


Juan Carlos

This is my father Juan Carlos, he practices athletics, he really likes martial arts, he practices athletics 3 times a week in the morning. Sometimes he practices athletics in the afternoon, he often trains karate at home. He has a car and a motorcycle and prefers to ride a motorcycle everywhere than to go by car. Juan's motorcycle is very fast and practical. He is gardening in the afternoon. He gardens once a week. In the photo he is posing for the photo. He practices karate twice a month.



This is my mother Aide, she practices body lifting exercises, she really likes baking, she practices baking once a month. She generally practices body lifting exercises in the morning, occasionally baking at home. She has many cookie cutters but prefers to make cupcakes. Aide molds are so much fun. She is making teaching plans in the afternoon. He cycles once a week. In the photo he is working. She works five times a week.



This is my aunt Andrea, she practices CrossFit, she really likes dogs, she practices CrossFit three times a week. Every day he goes running, sometimes he goes to the movies with his friends. He has two dogs but prefers cats more. Andrea's dogs are very cute. She is accompanying her brother at his wedding. She makes lemon pai once a month. In the photo he is hugging his brother. She trains three times a week.




This is my grandfather Luis, he doesn't play any sports, he really likes action movies, he watches movies every day. Every day he goes for a morning walk, sometimes he takes his grandchildren to school. He has a truck and a car but prefers the truck more. Luis's truck is big. He is accompanying his daughter at her wedding. Take pulque once a month. In the photo he is looking at the camera. He visits his brothers once a week.