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based on the Divergents novels by Veronica Roth


Step 1

Introduce the movie

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Introduce the novel

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Trailer of Divergent

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Our opinions


Presentation of the movie

The director is Neil Burger, an American director, screen writer and producer.

The genre of the movie is science-fiction, action and drama.

The film is released on 2014,three years after the release of the book.

The main characters are Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Kate Winslet.

  • Authoress: Veronica Roth, an American writer who graduated from Northwestern University, in creative writing.
  • Release date: 2011 (2012 for the second book and 2014 for the third book)
  • Genre of book: science-fiction, dystopia

Presentation of the novel



The scene takes place in Chicago, in a post-apocalypse world, so in the futur. The society is divided in 5 factions: "Amity", "Abnegation", "Erudite", "Candor" and "Dauntless".

Trailer of Divergent

It's a very good film and the book looks good too

The movie is long because it lasts 2h19

I give it a 10/10

Too long

There is love between the two main characters

There are some scenes sad and it break our heart

In this movie, we learn what is a dystopia and post-apocalyptic world

It is the best of the three other film

A little bit romance

Teach us many things


It is the best


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