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Best Practices +

  • Make sure your slides are shared and linked on the sign up page.
  • You have 15-20 minutes for both your presentation and oral defense so make sure you stop speaking with enough time to be asked and answer questions
  • Dress Professionally
  • Engage with the audience not your slides
    • Eye contact
    • gestures
    • not speaking like a robot..?

Spice up your next presentation with Genially! This interactive platform lets you ditch the static slides and add quizzes, animations, and even videos to grab your audience's attention. Their free templates and user-friendly design make creating a show-stopping presentation a breeze.

Make it Interactive and interesting!

Canva Presentations is a web-based tool you can use to design and deliver presentations. It offers features like:-Thousands of free and customizable templates to give your presentations a professional look -Tools to collaborate with others on your presentation design -Ability to create data visualizations to represent your information effectively -Options to present live or record your presentation for later viewing -Interactive features like audience polling and Q&A to engage your viewers ***Best part? FISD has an education subscription as well which means you have PRO access!!!

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