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Gmaes and


Elements of games in the class

Entertainment games


Making games

Students being the creators

Educational games

For teaching

Use in school

My opinion



Application of typical game elements, such as points, medals, and leaderboards, in non-gaming contexts

Increase engagement and motivate students

Finding a balance. So that playful elements

  • do not distract from the educational content
  • make the context more accessible and enjoyable for students

Various age groups and skill levels

Eeasily integrated into a larger lesson plan

Eco-Mission Students are agents that have to save the planet. They receive missions related to environmental topics

  • recycling
  • energy saving
Completing practical activities, they earn badges and prizes. Objectives: promoting environmental awareness and scientific learning

Making games

Stimulate creativity, problem-solving and collaboration among students

Engage students in the process of creating and designing games

For teaching programming, graphic design, storytelling and critical thinking

Also include:

  • games that involve solving puzzles
  • games like Lego or Dash that allow the creation of objects or elements for different games

Interactive History Stories (Interactive Fiction) Digital platform to create interactive stories based on historical events.

  • choose different narrative paths various historical outcomes
Then other pupils explore the different interactive stories Objectives: understand the historical causality and consequences of human actions

Entertainment games

Not designed with a primary educational goal

Implemented to support learning through their engagement power

  • Games as a reward for completing tasks or achieving goals
  • Games that present challenges or puzzles to solve, use critical thinking
  • Games with a strong narrative component that can be linked to the contents of the discipline
  • Teamwork or competition games used to teach social skills such as communication, collaboration and negotiation

Always a clear educational objective

Toughtfully integrated to enhance learning, rather than distracting or replacing more traditional teaching methods

Space Odyssey (Gamification + Entertainment Games) Students:

  • navigate planets
  • solving scientific puzzles
Each planet a different topic By completing missions and overcoming challenges, students earn badges Objectives: learning more fun and engaging; development of skills (critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving)

Designed specifically for educational purposes

Educational games

Teaching concepts in math, science, languages, and other subjects interactively

It is important to choose games that are appropriate for the age and skill level of students and that are aligned with learning objectives

Provide feedback and reflections after the game to consolidate learning

Math Treasure Hunt Organize a classroom treasure hunt

  • each solved clue leads to a math problem
  • Students must solve the problem to get the next clue
  1. develop problem-solving skills
  2. makes learning math fun and interactive

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My thoughts

How do you feel about the use of gaming in the school world?


  • This topic has been very interesting
  • I like games and the idea of using them in learning and teaching
  • There are so many possibilities


  • I only know a bit
  • I have to find out more
  • Researching could help me in my professional growth
  • I have to be informed before starting plan for teaching
  • I could try somthing before suggesting to my pupils


  • I have so many thinkg to find out about
  • I have only started to know about this topic
  • I can always improve
  • I have to be always updated and well informed
  • I am building my own idea piece by piece


  • I love to be curious
  • I can find out more because with couriosity come entusiasm
  • There are so many possibilities I was knot knowing about


  • Innovation in schools start with little gesture
  • I have to try somthing by myself for seeing if it could work
  • Working with pupils will help me in improving my skills and my projects
  • Teory is not completely like the real world