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One of the most powerful leaders in the world and also the PM of Bharat (Hindustan)

Shree Narendra Modi

  • 5000 years Old Civilization
  • 7th largest land
  • 5th biggest economy in the world
  • 1st most populated
  • 29 states
  • Capital - New Delhi
  • 22 languages, over 200 dialects
  • Official Languages - Hindi & English
  • Largest democracy in the world

Rashtrapati Bhavan - Presidential Palace

Traditional Namaste


Main festivals of India DiwaliHoliDussehra

India is divided into 4 parts. 1)Western India2)Eastern India3)Northern India4)Southern India.

Indian food

August 15th is Independence Day in India.

Interesting facts -

  • Sanskrit and Tamil are the oldest languages in the world
  • Hinduism is the oldest religion
  • India is the 2nd largest English speaking country after the US
  • 4th most powerful military, A nuclear country. Only 9 countries in the world are nuclear powers.
  • The first country to mine and lead diamond production
  • Shampoo was invented in India
  • India was the richest country until the 17th century
  • Kohinoor diamond was stolen by the british (one of the largest diamonds in the world)
  • Britain stole $ 45 trillion from India, the amount is 15 times more than the annual GDP of the UK today
  • Chess, Snakes and ladders were invented in India
  • Largest producer of films - India
  • Rishi Sunak - Prime Minister of the UK, Satya Nadella - CEO of Microsoft, Sundar Pichai - CEO of Google, Neal Mohan - CEO of Youtube, Shantanu Narayan - CEO of Adobe, Arvind Krishna - CEO of IBM, Leena Nair - CEO of Chanel, Shantanu Narayan - CEO of Adobe, Laxman Narsimhan- CEO of Starbucks
  • The largest democracy in the world
  • Land of ayurveda and Yoga/ Meditation
  • Sabeer Bhatia founded hotmail, Ajay V. Bhatt - Creator of usb technology
  • Zero was invented by an Indian Mathematician.
  • Martial arts was first created in India
  • India is the only country whose spacecraft landed on the moon's south pole and only the fourth country ever to land on the moon.