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The exhibition has been curated by Jonathan Anderson, a showcase of his passion and interest for art, craft and the beauty of handmade things that he infused in the brandHe is impacting the brand at all the touchpoints: from shaping our collections, to brand images and communications, to our store concept

Jonathan AndersonCurator of the exhibition

The exhibition highlights the close connection with art that we have at LOEWE. From our large collection of artworks in our stores, to the collaboration with artists in capsule collections and for the Salone del Mobile projects, to the displays of spectacular art installations on the fashion shows

Strong cultural background

An exhibition highlighting the historical legacy of LOEWE and its connection to craft and culture.Over 800 pieces (between Fashion, Art and Craft) are displayed across 6 main chapters, presenting the brand through different perspectives

LOEWE's first major exhibition

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An immersion in the house’s rich history since its founding in 1846, in Spain, where our culture and identity were formed; in expert ateliers where our iconic leather goods are made; in the innovative ready to wear of our critically-acclaimed Creative Director Jonathan Anderson; in the studios of artists around the globe who are defining the future of craft; and bring you up close to some of the works of art that inspire us

A journey through time & space