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Who suffer the most?SEA ANIMALS and CORAL REEFS

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Plastic pollution in the ocean

More than 30 endangered species

Why is it so dangerous for them and for us?

  • Strangulation
  • Confusion
  • Food chain

For you:

Solutions :

  • Reduce your plastic consumption.
  • Don't buy single use items.
  • Reuse your plastic products.
  • Recycle!


  • Ocean Cleanup
  • Norwegian cleaning boat
  • Bacteria (PET)

  • 10% maritime activities.
  • 10% abandoned on the coastline.
  • 80% transported mostly by rivers.

Why is there plastic in the oceans?

-The Philippines 350,000 tonnes (thousand) -India (126,000 tonnes) - Malaysia (73,000 tonnes).

Currently 150 million tons of plastic in the oceans


Every year : 4,8 - 12,7 million tons