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Educational Philosophy

What is an educational philosophy?

An educational philosophy is someone's beliefs about education. Having an educational philosophy is important because it allows teachers to have a more defined way for them to help decide on what they need to do day to day.

Heavily emphasizes individual choice. Allows students to form their own ideas.

Core of the curriculum should be essential knowledge and skills such as discipline and hard work.

Schools should help to try and reform societies problems by teaching students about the world and its problems. It heavily emphazises problem solving and letting students form their own ideas. This one best describes me.

More focus on the child than the curriculum. Students need to learn how to solve problems and reflect to form their own values.

Educational Philosophies

The most teacher centered philosophy. Main belief is gathering knowledge of western culture and intellect.

My philosophy

We need to learn history to grow from the world's mistakes and to make sure we don't repeat them. The best way to achieve this is to put ourselves in the shoes of the people who came before us and see multiple different perspectives in order to learn how everything causes and affects each other. I also hope that through our learning, every student can find a place to be themselves and feel comfortable and accepted within my classroom.
  • shows data in graphs.
  • uses timelines.
  • is animated and interactive.
  • excites the brain, using multimedia elements.
  • does not use bullet points to excess πŸ™ƒβ€‹.

Why my philosophy makes me a good educator

  • is clear and structured.
  • tells stories hierarchically.
  • connects with your audience.
  • matches the fonts and colors to the topic.
  • includes images and entertains.