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Wishes and regrets. Verbs of effort.





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Wishes and regrets

"John failed his driving test"(Use if only + complement)

To manage or to deal with something is to...?

"I ate too much, now my dresses don't fit me" (use wish) Ex. "I wish I'd been a bit slimmer".

"i got ill after eating lobster"(Use regret)

This is your last question...Do you really regret about something in your life? Explain why.


"I didn't pay attention and hence I scored less marks".(use wish)

"I ate a lot and now I feel sick"(use should have)

Make a sentence using the verb: "to cope with"

Make a sentence using the verb: "to give up"

"I lost my umbrella and got soaked by the rain"(use if only)

Make a sentence using the verb:"to Tackle"

"I didn't wake up early and I missed my bus"(Use Regret)

"I drank a lot and make a scene. It was so embarassing"(Use wish)

"I took my father's advice but it went really bad"(Use wish)

"i drove very fast and I had an accident"(Use if only + complement the sentence)

"I want to go to italy but I don't have enough money" (use if only)

To proceed or continue with something is to...

To start to do something is to...?

" I was very soft with my children and they became spoilt"(use wish)

"very few people came to my party, that's sad"(Use wish)

"I was extremely rude with the teacher and I make her cry"(use regreT)

How do you cope with all the homeworks that you have to do?

"I need money but I quit my job two days ago."(Use regret)

Make a sentence using the verb: "to overcome"

To take action in order to do something is to...?

Make a sentence using the verb: " to go ahead with"

MAke a sentence using the verb: "to work on"

"I didn't study and I failed my exams"(use regret)

Make a sentences using the verb: "to focus on"

Make a sentence using the verb: "to pursue"

To deal with problems in a successful way is to...?