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Daniel Corral Ligero 2 A

Crime Story

On a normal day like today, a catastrophe struck and my neighbors had been murdered .I had to do something, but I needed someone to help me and this assistant was mi dog (Coco).When my dog and I went to inventigate the scene for see if there was evidences saw a weapon next to deceaded and I told the police office, the police officer exammined a weapon and saw finger prints in it.when the police office examined the finger prints, saw that this finger prints were of a famous criminal (Robert) and if he was arrested he was going to be arrested for 5 years in prision but they need to have more evidences. I get to know this name, was my uncle Roberto's and we decided go for his house. When arrived we found him on the couch and arrested him for killing my neighbors. And that's how it was like I and pilce office arrest to my uncle.

The Murder of the Neighbor