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Presentation by Cayetana.


1-Mass and lintelled structures

2-Vaulted structures

3-Triangulated structures

4-Suspended structures

5-Reinforced concrete structures

6-Laminated structures

7-Pneumatic structures

8-Spatial and geodesic structures

Mass or lintelled structures


Massive structure: Stone, rocks or clay blocks are stacked on top of each otherLintelled structure: Short stone or wooden lintels are used to create windows or open spaces.

Vaulted structures


This type of structures use cut stones so thata they only have to resist compression. Archs and vaultsenable builders to cover large spaces.

Triangulated stuctures


They are used horizontally to cover large spans and then divided into trusses (cerchas) and triangulated beams. They are made from bars, they are very light, versatile and strong.

Suspended structures


They are hung from tie rods (tirantes) that can be adjusted by tightening (apretando) or loosening (aflojando).They can only bear traction stresses (tensiones de atracción). Also this type of structures uses cables called suspenders.

Reinforced concrete structures


Concrete has led to major advancements in construction because we can make it into any. Its very resistant to compression, steel bars inside it help it withstand (resistir)

Laminated structures

These are made with laminates of metal, plastic or composite material such as reinforced concrete. Their curved shape and folds give them their resistance.


Pneumatic structures

They used compressed air inside them, they are very light and can be easily be dimantled. And it also is used in architecture are an innovative and eco-friendly solution for sustainable building design.


Spatial and geodesic structures


These are three dimensional structures made of bars. They combined the properties of vaults with triangulated structures to create curved shapes and to cover large spaces. They have struts and hubs that join them together.

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