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Alessandra Beato

the origins of fairies

In Ireland, fairies are descendants of the Tuatha de Danann, a mysterious race of semi-divine beings. According to ancient legends, after being defeated and forced to withdraw from the world of men, the Tuatha de Danann turned into the Sidhe, creatures of the underworld. This transformation represents a change of dimension, from beings of the earth's surface to guardians of a hidden realm.


Irish fairies do not have glittering wings and magic wands. The Sidhe are beings of great beauty but also of great power and mystery. They are often described as tall and majestic creatures, living not in simple flower gardens, but in ancient mounds and hills, places that in Ireland are often associated with portals to their enchanted world.Legend has it that Irish fairies can be both benevolent and vengeful, they can offer protection and blessings to those who respect them, they can also bring misfortune and illness to those who dare disturb them or disrespect their sacred places.

where to find them

you might find an ancient plant, the hawthorn, isolated in the middle of a field. For those who believe in it, this represents a 'fairy tree', a place where fairies gather and dance under the moon. if they are disturbed, tradition says it will bring bad luck. And then there are mounds, ancient forts and caves, often associated with the entrances to the Other World.

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