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Discovering Brazil: Your essential guide

Photo by L.C. Nøttaasen. Available at Flickr.


sq km

Explore Brazil's facts in this comprehensive guide. Beyond a destination, Brazil is a rich tapestry of history, culture and landscapess. It is the fifth most populous country on Earth and is located in South America.



in land area of the world.

largest country


Brazil speaks

Portugal colonized the country for 322 years, so Brazil does not speak Spanish.

Brazil's capital. This planned city was designed by the Brazilian architect Lúcio Costa in the 1950s. The major structures were designed by Oscar Niemeyer, who represented Brazil in the planning of the United Nations buildings in New York City.



Brasilia has the shape of an airplane. Photo by OpenStreetMap. Available at Wikimedia Commons.


and one federal district.


Brazil has

203 million

people live there.


Brazilians live abroad.

45.19% live in North America.

32.42% live in Europe.

0.87% live in Africa.

4.83% live in Asia.

1.16% live in Oceania.

14.06% live in Europe.

Out of those Brazilians...

1.9 million

live in the U.S.


in Dane County, Wisconsin.

are living



chose to study at the

University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Photo by Wisconsin Public Radio. Available at https://www.wpr.org/education/nonresident-enrollment-uw-madison-college-system-resident-students-wisconsin-tuition

This makes them the biggest Latin American community on campus.

to test your knowledge.

You can learn more about the Brazilian culture and the Brazilians in Madison on the website.

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Photo by Bruno Camboim Rochelle Rocha. Available at Wikimedia Commons.Photo by Christoph Diewald. Available at Flickr.Photo by Arian Zwegers. Available at Flickr.