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Representació model atòmic

There won't be classes like today. The students will study what they want and there will be more teachers by class.


There isn't going to be many cars, but they will be being electrics. Most of people will move with public transport, wich will be faster. The airplanes won't contanimate so will become a very usual transport.


The food will be very dificult to cultive naturaly so they will invent some powders wich contains all the vitamines. The real food will be only for the richest people.


I will work as something that iI love, perhaps in other country althought I will return to Spain.

My life

There won't be cure to cancer but will be pills to pretend it. There will be vaccines that will make us don't fell ill. Robots will do the surgeries and people won't die in its.

Health & medicine

It will change a lot and IA will bi in ur lifes as normal as the phones. Ther will be drones transporting things and looking for our segurity.


The climate change will destoy many areas, like Africa and Austrlia. They will be desertics and with no water. The north of Europe ant the south of America will be very cold and with lots of snow.


Aina Pujol Aguilera

My life in the future