Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal for giving more context about the topic at hand


Surprise your audience with additional info. Include additional information and display it with one click.

To create an interactive image you can use a photo or illustration as a base. The important thing is that it’s visually attractive so that it gets your audience’s attention.

To insert an image, you can upload it from your computer or use the resources in the Editor.

Surprise your audience with interactive images

When presenting numbers, we recommend prioritizing simplicity and conciseness and using interactivity and animation to emphasize certain data and to allow you to provide additional information.

Underline a relevant figure or fact in this space

of our brain processes visuals

of purchases are emotional



of what see, we remember

of info is received through sight




A boring presentation

A Wow presentation

  • Your audience is in a daze.
  • Nobody understands anything you’ve said.
  • You hear your audience snoring.
  • There’s so much text that there’s no room for images.
  • You hold your audience’s attention.
  • Everyone assimilates the information you’ve shared.
  • You hear your audience applauding.
  • Interactivity and animation are your allies.