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Maria luisa luengo (Mom)


She is 77 , she is from Extremadura, Badajoz.

She loved her grandchildren and she hates when people smokes.She never had the oportunity to go to school but in a really young age she started working at all the works she could have. In her childhood she lived with her entire family.Story : When they were little in that age there wasn`t sewerage and they have to throw the waste to the field and one day they didn't see a person and she throw the waste to their face

Personal things about my grandma

I n my opinion is my best grandma because the other I love her too but she has alzheimer and She doesn't remember anything, she's in a nursing home and I don't see her much. The only thing I want to do is spend her last years, months and days with her.

Grandfather (Mom)

Grandmother (Dad)

If I have to commit a crime


I If I have to commit a crime I would rob toys for the hospitals or for me.The plan: In the middle of the night we are going to the toysrus and with our two big bags we will rob everything and then we will give them to the hospitals.