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- The rinks on which you skate must have fences- There are 3 judges who score out of 10-Skaters have 5 minutes to practise before competing-The dances must have the components indicated in each category -At the end of the dance you have to bow.



-You cannot carry accessories in your hands-Can be used either fantasy or club maiot-You have to compete with tied hair-The maiots cannot have transparencies otherwise it will be penalized-Skates have to be covered


There are many types of contests with prizes, the most common are CONSELL and FEDERACIÓ. You have to participate individually.Alsow there are cometitions that you have to go whit a team, You can create trios, quartets and quintets, but they have groups of 8-12 people, which is a small group of 13-21, which is a large group.When you commit whit a group we say it Show.

Information about it

I started when I was little, my cousin also competed and she encouraged me to try it, I liked it and to this day I continue to do it.

my experience

Erika Alarcón is the best skater of the world. HER LIVE: She's 24 years old and she born the 13 of 2000. She live in Buenos Aires, Argentina whit her family and she study architecture at once she train to continue improving. IN WHAT CATEGORY SHE IS: She compited in the category of Solo Dance, Senior and she's an paraguayan olympic athlete

erika alarcón

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