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Historical Excursus on the madness of women

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law 1978

the 60s

the fascist period

Law n.36

women and madhouse

madhouses in italy

madhouses in italy

The history of the madhouse in Italy is full of violence and injustice: the men were taken if they were considered scandalous or political enemies while a lot of women were taken just because they were "female".The women who were recovered in a madhouse were called hysterical, rigid and agitated.People weren't recovered in madhouse just for mental illness but also if you were considered "uncomfortable" for the society, in particular women when they didn't want to breastfeed their child, when they were lesbian, orphans...

the history of madhouse

The word madhouse comes from Greek,they were also called mental hospital.They were born for help people with mental illness but actually they were used for takeaway form the society, people considered dangerous or as we have said "uncomfortable".Madhouses born in 1904 but the mental hospital were born during the 1700; with the increase of the number of the patient becamenecessary estabilish some rules.

In the 1891 was done the "inspection of th madhouses of the kingdom", with the inspection they found out the horrible condition of all this structures: very small room, dirt and poor hygiene.

women and madhouse

Women and madhouse

In the asylum, the women were the most tortured, this structures were used for enclose and keep quiet them, using the excuse of mental insanity because during the years the insanity was always associated with women.During the first word war, women were enclose for the mental illness caused by the fear of the war; the diagnosis was based on: sadness, fear, anxiety and hunger, feeling absolutely normal for the type of situation. Women were enclose based on the characteristics called "anomalies of femininity": physical aspect, the refuse of marital duties, the wish of independence, ecc...

law n 36

This law estabilished the reasons why people were taken in a madhouse, not only when they were considered a public scandal. With this law, in this type of structures were used electroshock, insulin coma and experimental drugs, it also estabilished that a person could be recovered and released only with a legal procedure.

Law n. 36 14-02-1904

After the "inspection of the medhouse of the kingdom", in the 1902 Giolitti proposede the law n 36 14-02-1904 that was called "rules about madhouses, custody and car of pationt with mental illness".

the fascist period

The fascist period

During the fascist period the number of people recovered increase esponentially and the mental hospital were used like prisons for enclose people that didn't respect the physical characteristics of the dictatorship.The women that refused the idea of perfect mother and wife, were considered crazy.

The law n.180 del 13-05-1978 known as "legge Basaglia" that estabilish the obbligatory sanitary treatment only when the mental illness was real. This final form of this law was created with the law 833 23/12/1978; the law is made up of 11 articles about healtcare and the responsability of psychiatric hospitals, wich was given to the provinces.

Law 1978

the 60s

the 60s

After the end of the second word war, the madhouse became criminal aslyum for enclose ex partisans and soldiers. During the 1961 when the psychiatrist Franco Basaglia, made up the "democratic psychiatry movement" since then it has been thought to use the mental hospital for really help the patient . In the 1968 a group of student from the mental hospital of Colorno, made an occupation for obtain some improvement of the structure and the patient; this episode is considered the start of the process that 10 years later, had estabilshed the closure of the mental aslyums.

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