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Dive into the traditions of west african cultures

West African -Geechee birthing







Where do the people of Geechee reside

Who are they

Travelers From Afar

North Carolina, South carolina, Georgia, ect.

The Gullah Geechee or GeeChee people are decendants of West Africa regions brought over during the TAST and disbursted on the southern coast.

deep Connections

  • Use of traditional Birth Asst.
  • Use of herbs in medicine
  • Rituals and rootwork
  • Community and family involvement
  • Naming ceremonies
  • Placental Care

During pregnancy a woman has many rituals and traditions to uphold

Culture of west africa runs deep

Herbal remedies

Proper rights are passsed to the placenta as they connection is key to moms health and babies upbrining.

Prayers and hymns are often a way to usher in a birth.

Mojo bags are used for protection and worn around the mothers neck to ward off evil and illness.


Mojo bags are prepared by the elders or the birthing assistants/shamans of the community and worn for protections from evil or sickness by the mother. It brings healing properties depenind on certain herbs or oils used.

Known by several names

Who, why, what

Types of rituals

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Placental Rights

Naming ceremony

First bath

Certain areas bury, burn, or consume the placenta for various reasons.

Usually done by the birthing elders. the 1st bath is done with herbs and oils for prosperity and protection

This is a gatherig of the maternal members to officially name the baby





After Birth Care

Community is big amongst the geechee people

Rest or WOrk

Food is prepared for the birthing mother.Gifts like baskets and amulets are brought by to momPlacenta care is given.Prayers are done alongside blessings and root workBirthing massages are given and babys 1st bath carried out

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